We believe in building strong relationships with each of our customer, and we will work closely with you until you are satisfied that the project we have put together will meet your energy sustainability goals.

                              About Us                   

  Preferred Green Solutions is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia.   The company was established in 2013 with the goal of delivering top quality energy products and energy consulting services to its customers.   With over 30 years of entrepreneurial successes, the owners recognized the need for a hands-on, customer-focused approach in providing businesses with economical ways in reducing their energy consumption; the idea being that every dollar saved on energy bills goes straight to the company’s bottom line!  Our company partners with the leading manufacturers in LED lighting, Power Factor Correction, TVSS/SPD Surge Suppressors, and HVAC Control/Energy Monitoring technologies, to bring our customers the best energy-saving solutions for each energy-dollar spent.

  We are dedicated to providing our customers with turnkey energy solutions that meets their operational needs and their energy-sustainability goals within allocated budgets.  We view our role as a long-term partner in energy savings and are committed to understanding our customers’ overall business and operational environment so we can provide them with the best energy solutions that meets these objectives.   We focus on building long-term relationships with our customers based on the quality services and products we have provided, and the trust and confidence they have developed in us due to our professionalism, reliability, and competence in each project we have delivered to them.


Customized solutions to meet your specific business/operational needs – we will work with your maintenance/facilities manager to develop the best energy-savings solution/package for your budget.

Comprehensive lighting survey of facilities with detailed report of survey findings at NO COST – we will visit your facility to evaluate your current lighting and provide you with a detailed assessment report, and proposal for upgrade to the appropriate LED solution.

Power Factor Correction analysis – we look at your operating environment to see if motors in use can benefit from Power Factor Correction and provide a proposal for the appropriate Power Factor Correction System. 

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We provide Total Facility Protection with our TVSS/Surge Suppressors that protects your entire facility from external/internal electrical surges and spikes. – your investment in LED and other energy-savings technologies will be protected and will last well beyond their warranty periods since they are not bombarded with thousands of electrical surges and spikes EACH DAY!


Ligthing Solutions


Power factor Correction


Surge Protection Devices

                                   LED Lighting Solutions                

We offer turnkey lighting solutions (products thru installation) with our top-quality LED lamps and fixtures and nationwide installation partners.     Our Total Lighting Solution Packages are usually 10-20% less than our competitors. 


Our partnerships with several of the leading manufacturers in the commercial and industrial lighting arena, enables us to meet whatever challenging lighting requirements that you may have. We have provided customized lighting solutions to many of our clients where current lighting products on the market had not met their requirements.    

Our projects have included major installations for Large Office Complexes, major airports, Fast Food/QSRs, hospitality, outdoor parking lots and garage deck lighting, and industrial/manufacturing facilities.

IOT/ Human Centric LED Lighting Solutions 

We were selected by a major manufacturer to be its sole Distributor for its new line of Human Centric/Well-being Lighting for the Southeastern US

New IoT-enabled LED solutions offers revolutionary human-centric lighting for the health and hospitality industries that substantially saves money on energy and maintenance costs, while also greatly enhancing healthy circadian rhythms and overall well-being of residents and guests. Our Human-Centric LED light sources will customize both the lighting levels and types of lighting (i.e., beam spreads, color temperatures, and focus) that are desirable for optimum productivity, emotional comfort, and physical healing

*Available Summer 2019

                  TVSS/SPD/Surge Protection Devices

Reduce your repair costs and eliminate electrical failures with our Surge Protection Devices.  Protect your entire facility from lightning strikes and internal surges

                                    WHAT ARE TRANSIENTS?                               

A transient voltage surge is an extremely high-speed burst of energy that can reach catastrophic voltage and electric current levels in fractions of a second

                     Power Factor Correction (PFC)             

Reduces Electrical Demand Charges and Power Factor Penalties levied by the Utility Companies 

                                        Why Us

Commitment to Total Customer Satisfaction
We are able to offer the best product warranties in the industry because of the quality of the components, the workmanship, and the quality control that goes into the manufacturing of our products.

Our proposed Energy Management System will deliver highest energy saving, best product quality & warranty, and quickest ROI for each energy dollar spent.

Project implementation will be performed with minimal disruption to your business operations, with seamless integration of product(s) in existing infrastructure 

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